Liquids: Holiday Food & Wine Pairings

Thanksgiving with my family is probably not like Thanksgiving with your family. Does your mother start the meal by clinking a glass with her fork […]

Liquids: Wine Trends Fall 2005

This time of year, every magazine except Popular Mechanics seems to be stuffed to the gills with fall fashion advice. Including this one. So, good—now […]

Liquids: Wine Collecting for Anyone

If the mere sight of thousands of wine bottles reclining horizontally makes you weak in the knees (as it does me), you’ll probably need to […]

Liquids: Getting Good Wine Service

During dinner one night at one of Boston’s most fancy-schmancy (read: French) restaurants, the sommelier poured me a glass of expensive California chardonnay that smelled […]

Liquids: Southern Hemisphere Wines

Regardless of whether you believe in God or Darwin, you’ve got to wonder about the six-month gap that came between the formation of the Southern […]

Liquids: Wines to Buy in 2005

Celebrating the new year in wine terms is sort of retrospective: We look forward to tasting the past. Because all good wine must age for […]

Liquids: Portuguese Wines

What I’m about to say may shock or upset you. But many of you often write to ask me what the “next big thing” is, […]

Liquids: Greek Wines

Her name was Vasilia, but my hormone-crazed high school buddies and I called her “Darling Viki,” a reference to Prince’s smutty Purple Rain–era ballad “Darling […]

Liquids: Wedding Wines

It’s wedding season, and I’m on a mission. No, not to find a bride (one is enough, thank you), but to challenge every couple I […]

Liquids: Wine Shops

Near the very last sip of 2003, at the height of the holiday madness, two things happened in the wine world that signaled a new […]

Liquids: Holiday Wine Gifts

By divine design I am not the most patient man in the world. My friends and family would agree—especially my mom, who frequently exhorts me […]

Liquids: Wine Temperature

You’re going to think I’m crazy—perhaps you already do if you read this column regularly—but I need to share a theory with you that could […]

Liquids: Sicilian Wine

The hills and valleys of Sicily in spring were ablaze with incandescent yellow buttercups growing wild just about everywhere that grapevines were not. “Signore, signori, […]

Liquids: Dessert Wine

Ask me what’s a good meal. Go ahead. My answer: any meal with wine. What’s a great meal? One that pairs a different wine with […]

Liquids: Springtime Red Wines

The fact that my 89-year-old Italian, devout Roman Catholic grandmother keeps a bottle of Manischewitz in her fridge has absolutely nothing to do with the […]