Tech advancements

All of the treatments available in today’s dentistry, whether for health or cosmetic reasons, are majorly available because of a rise in technology. Dr. Brendon Chiou’s Newton Dental office has some of the latest technology in the dental field, including Straumann and Biomet 3i implant systems, Biolase laser system, and Kodak 3D Cone Beam Scanning. The increased use of technology in dentistry with systems like these and many more allows dentists to visualize the patient’s mouth more clearly and precisely. This in turn helps dentists perform more accurately. “Our goal is to blend the absolute latest dental technology with traditional hard work and absolute attention to detail,” Chiou says.

Neem Medical Spa also has the latest state of the art technologies, including CoolSculpting and Vanquish for nonsurgical  body contouring. Both have the latest applicators and hardware. Sandu also makes it a point to attend several annual conferences to stay ahead of all technological advancements.Filandrianos says everything is high tech and more modernized these days, which is to thank for the speed and accuracy of the treatments on today’s market. As for the old-fashioned methods, they are not so popular anymore, he says. “I haven’t done a silver amalgam filling in over 20 years.”


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