Travel Deal: Sleep on a Private Island in Nova Scotia

Start by kayaking to a seal colony, then end up at your very own island.

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A trip with Pleasant Paddling / Photo provided by Nova Scotia Tourism

Private Island Yurt For Two
Where: Pleasant Paddling, 245 The Point Rd., Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
When: Available June 25 through September 17
How much: $600 for one, $899 for a couple

If a weekend spent kayaking to a seal colony in Nova Scotia, followed by a stay on a private island, wasn’t on your bucket list before, it’s going to be now. This Canadian travel deal is perfect for those looking for an outdoorsy, untraditional vacation packed with adventure.

Offered by Nova Scotia Tourism and a kayaking group called Pleasant Paddling, the trip begins with a four-hour guided kayaking tour of Nova Scotia’s Blue Rocks Island. The tour weaves around wild seal colonies—and while it’s not guaranteed you’ll see seals, curious pups have been known to approach paddlers.

After the kayaking adventure, you can enjoy a picnic lunch and explore the area on your own with available bikes and snorkel sets. Don’t worry about getting lost—tips, directions, and custom routes are available for travelers.

The day ends when you arrive for your a stay in a private, handcrafted yurt on its own little island. Dinner is provided by local cafe The Point General, and includes local delicacies like mussels. To top it all off, you can spend your evening decompressing from all of the time outdoors by stargazing out of the yurt’s skylight roof.

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Stay in a yurt on this private island. / Photo provided by Nova Scotia Tourism