Amtrak Is Selling Cheap Group Tickets

Time to gather the crew: “Share Fares” start today.

Photo via iStock/drnadig

No arguing over who gets shotgun, which route is actually the fastest, and who’s in charge of managing Brad’s road rage, because Amtrak’s having another sale and you can take the train instead of piling in the car for your next trip. Book a “Share Fare” with friends or family and the tickets get cheaper as more people join the itinerary. The first person to buy a ticket pays full price, the second person gets 15% off, the third person receives 60% off, and the lucky fourth gets 70% off. If your loved ones aren’t jerks, that means the whole group receives 35% off the total cost of four train tickets.

The offer, which you can buy now, is valid for up to four passengers traveling coach one-way beginning on April 26 and requires a reservation three days in advance, booked with the promo code V291. You can’t get the discount on the Acela Express or the Auto Train, but you can use it on the D.C. to Boston route the Northwest Regional, as well as a few of the other national lines. The only caveat is that you and your discount pals all have to travel together on the same reservation, so you all have to pick a trip as a group. Although no one says that you all have to sit together, so at least the train ride will be free of bickering.

What are you waiting for? Get that summer getaway going. There has to be somewhere between here and Washington you want to visit with three friends.