The chart below reflects the number of calories burned per 30 minutes of activity. Find your approximate weight on the chart, and then match your weight to how fast you typically walk. This will tell you how many calories you burn for every half-hour of walking.


For example, if you weigh 165 lbs and walk at a rate of four miles per hour, you will burn 170 calories every 30 minutes that you walk.


To lose one pound (by exercise only) you need to expend 3,500 calories. The goal for weight loss is .5 to 2 lbs a week; if you are losing more than 2 pounds a week, you are probably losing water weight. You could also be losing lean muscle mass, which slows down your metabolism. When your metabolism slows down, you burn fewer calories at rest.



150lbs 200lbs 250lbs 300lbs
2.0 mph 85   kcal 114   kcal 142   kcal 170   kcal
3.0 mph 113   kcal 150   kcal 188   kcal 225   kcal
3.5 mph 130   kcal 173   kcal 216   kcal 259   kcal
4.0 mph 170   kcal 227   kcal 284   kcal 341   kcal
4.5 mph 215   kcal 286   kcal 358   kcal 430   kcal
5.0 mph 272   kcal 363   kcal 454   kcal 545   kcal












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