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ADCO Diamond



ADCO Diamonds is a family owned business. Norair and Meline Arslanian opened the doors in 1980. Their daughters; Aline and Rina; joined the company after earning their Bachelor's degrees from BU. Aline is a Graduate Gemologist from GIA. Rina is a Diamonds Graduate from GIA.

For almost 40 years; we have had the privilege to serve many satisfied customers with whom we have developed lasting relationships. As we advertise very little; the majority of our customers come to us based on recommendations.

We are very serious about conflict-free diamonds. Not only do we have written guarantees from our suppliers that our diamonds are conflict-free; but we also have written guarantees that all our stones are non-synthetic.

We specializes in loose diamonds for engagement rings and other jewelry; including custom made. Our Graduate Gemologists' expertise and service separate us from others.

Services you offer

Diamond grading
Certificate verification
CAD design
Repairs and jewelry maintenance for ADCO customers

What is your typical process for working with a new client?

The process always begins with a comprehensive education about diamonds which empowers the customer to select a diamond with confidence. Then; the discussion is about jewelry design. Either we work with an existing picture of customer's choice; or we collaborate on a design using existing models in my inventory.  (Of course; if the customer likes an existing ring; then there is no need for CAD). The next step is creating a CAD rendering usually presented to customer via e-mail. Once the CAD is approved; the customer can choose to examine a wax model printed from the CAD. After approval of wax; the ring is casted; set and finished. This process is critical to maintain transparency and allow customer to have control over product design.

What inspired your passion for your profession?

Our passion was inspired by my love for jewelry. We love to be adorned with pieces encrusted with diamonds; colored gems; or just plain shiny pieces made of rich colored gold. Jewelry is as important if not more so than other accessories. They tell a story; celebrate milestones; or trigger memories. We cherish our pieces that were handed down from our mom or grandmother. Jewelry triggers so many emotions--love; happiness; even melancholy (We remember and miss our grandmother when we wear some of her pieces). Our mission is to help create these important and quality pieces and perhaps even to be remembered for them; even if it's for a second.

What services are you most excited to offer?

We are most excited to offer design using technology. We miss creating pieces by hand which is a dying art. However; involving the customer from the first step of design to the end makes the process fluid; transparent; with little room for mistakes. The customer is involved from the beginning. In addition; the pieces produced are accurate to the mm and stones fit like a glove. Perfection!
Another service we are happy to offer is meeting customers closer to their home and hand delivery to not too far locations (Downtown traffic can be terrible for many customers).

What is the best reaction you’ve ever received from a client?

Of course receiving a bouquet of flowers from Winston's to thank us is the best feeling!! Our favorite and most satisfying reaction is watching a customer's eyes light up when he/she opens the box with the finished product. This is the most rewarding part.

What makes your business stand apart?

First, we are well educated, well informed and trained in diamonds. We speak with authority and have many years experience. We have lived through many changes in the industry, good and bad, and have incorporated the good ones into our practice, i.e, assuring our diamonds are conflict free.

Second, our business is run by women (not unique to us) who love jewelry, understand a woman's expectations in jewelry and cherish the relationships made with customers. I feel our expertise coming from a woman's perspective is a definite advantage to the first time diamond customer and to the returning customer who would like guidance.

What should customers know about your pricing?

Having our showroom in the Jeweler's Exchange Building automatically keeps our diamond prices competitive! However, it's important to understand that we offer high quality custom products that will be priced higher than a mass produced one but is nevertheless affordably priced.

How many years have you been in business?

Aline joined the family business in 1989 after quitting law school. Rina joined in 1990 after graduating from BU's School of Fine Arts.

What do clients have to say about you?

Our experience is the customers who do choose to work with us is because we make them feel comfortable with the experience. We are educated in our field, honest, friendly, and chill (to quote my teenager). We don't push and don't expect to sell on the first visit.

Hours of operation

Monday-Friday 10-5pm. Saturday 10-3:00pm. We take appointments after 5 and before 10 on some Wednesdays and Thursdays.

What geographic areas do you serve?

We are located in Downtown Boston but have customers all over the state, even as far away as California with the help of the internet.

What items or products you can provide to clients?

Any item that deals with jewelry; but our expertise is diamonds and design.


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