Bridesmaid Dresses You'll Wear Again

I’ve been in enough weddings to know that when I hear the words “You’re definitely going to wear this dress again!” from the bride, it means I probably won’t. Let’s face it. A large majority of bridesmaid dresses are full-length and tend to be on the formal side. So, if the bride envisions me attending gala events wearing (what she thinks) is a great dress and unfortunately, reveals my not-so-best features, well, it’s not going to happen.

I’d like to think the bridesmaids in my wedding could wear the dress I chose if they wanted to. Simple and black without any detail, so they could accessorize as they chose. I hope this leaves them the option of wearing it to a holiday party or even as a guest to someone else’s wedding.

Whether it is color, fabric, style, or embellishments, each season brings its own unique trends to bridesmaid dresses. If you are hoping your girls will love the chance to wear the dress again, choose a design that is simple and classic with just a little detail, so it’s not representative of a certain year, per se. (Everyone always jokes about the pink taffeta dresses from the 80’s with poufy sleeves and pleated skirts. You know exactly what I am talking about.)

I found a few dresses right here in Boston that I would love to wear as a bridesmaid — and afterward! I might just drop a few hints and forward these to the bride for the next wedding I am in.

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