Say ‘Cheese’ With Ease

Photo by Summer Street Photography. Used with permission.

He popped the question and now it’s time for engagement photos — yay! There’s just one small problem: you have no idea where to start. You don’t know how to do your makeup, your fiancé wants to wear that awful yellow shirt…

Not to worry my photo-phobic bride-to-be. I sat down with Kendra Henseler, one half of Summer Street Photography (she runs the business with her husband Matthew), to get the 411:

Why should you do an engagement shoot?

Couples can use their photos for their save-the-dates and wedding websites. We also make them a photo book to display at their wedding. A lot of people will also print one of their engagement photos out really large and display it at their reception; guests really like that.

Engagement photos are a great opportunity to get in front of the camera before your Big Day.

What should you look for in a photographer?

It’s important that you feel natural around your photographer. You want to make sure you can trust that person with capturing your emotions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that New England is a very different environment than somewhere like southern California, which tends to be a more controlled setting, so make sure your photographer has experience in different lighting situations.

Most photographers update their blogs more often than they update the portfolios on their main websites… check their blogs for their most recent work. Photographers should also be able to show you a complete product that they delivered to a previous client.

What locations work best?

We ask people to choose a location that is important or interesting to them … the pictures should be about the couple, not about specific things [like monuments].

Photo by Summer Street Photography. Used with permission.

How should you prepare?

If you’re hiring a wedding planner, or a stylist, it’s great to bring them along so you can just have fun.  If couples want to do shoots with props they can bring picnic baskets, blankets, or even a bottle of their favorite wine… Some couples bring their pets,  too!

Any wardrobe tips?

You want to look like a really polished version of yourself. Having properly fitting clothing is going to make you look better in photos. Structured outfits photograph really well. A little black dress, or a dress with a really nice silhouette, also looks great.  Patterns and really flowy tops can be difficult so try to avoid them.

Heels always look nice but I also suggest bringing a pair of flip flops, or comfortable shoes, in case you do a lot of walking.

What about hair and makeup?

Professional makeup will really make your session pop so we highly encourage it.

What’s the best thing about being a wedding photographer?

I like that every couple tells their story of love in different ways. It’s a very joyful job because you’re dealing with people who are in some of the best years of their lives. They’re happy, they’re excited… they’re on cloud nine! Who doesn’t want to be around that?

Summer Street Photography,, Facebook.

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