Break These Rules on Your Big Day

(Image courtesy of Sun Kissed by Jenni.)

Tradition is a big part of weddings. From what you wear to where you sit, there are guidelines for just about everything. But, why not create your own traditions? Here are five Big Day “rules” that were meant to be broken:

Your ‘maids must match
Bridesmaid dresses that aren’t so matchy-matchy can be beautiful. The frocks should still be cohesive — whether it’s in the color palette or style genre (i.e. Bohemian, old Hollywood, etc.) — but have fun with patterns, necklines, textures, cuts, and shades.

You have to wear white
Designers like Vera Wang are changing the way we think about wedding gowns. Now you can choose a gown that is nude, black…even red. Take a hint from Jessica Biel’s wedding day ensemble (she wore light pink to say “I do” to Justin Timberlake) and be yourself.

Your father has to walk you down the aisle
Having your dad give you away can be a special part of your wedding. But, you can also ask your mom, your brother, or a close friend to do the deed. The point is to pick someone special that you want to be with you in that moment. Another modern, heartwarming trend? Couples walking down the aisle together.

You must assign seats
In a previous Bostonista post, “Pick a Seat Not a Side,” I suggested that couples do away with the bride’s side vs. groom’s side seating construct during the ceremony. Why not let everyone choose their own places at the party, too? This will take the pressure off of you and will give everyone a chance to mingle.

You have to toss a bouquet
Let’s face it, as much as we love busting a move to Beyoncé’s “All The Single Ladies,” most single ladies don’t love catching the bouquet or having a garter awkwardly slipped up their leg in front of an audience. Skipping the toss altogether means more time for dancing.

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