What Not to Do Before “I Do”

(Photo by Goodshoot)

The week leading up to your wedding is already stressful and filled with bridal tasks. The last thing you need is a beauty blunder to trip you up before your trip down the aisle. Here are five things to avoid before your Big Day:

Spray Tanning
Repeat after me: “I will not spray tan.” You could come out looking like an oompa-loompa and the color might rub off on your groom, your guests, and most devastatingly, your dress. You want to look like you, so if you’re naturally fair skinned, embrace it. Use a bright pink blush, and a little bronzer, and you’ll be good to go.

Drastic Chop
It’s tempting to try something fun and new, but don’t do it right before your wedding. Rather than risking it, schedule a clean-up cut for a few weeks prior to the wedding (especially if you have bangs). And, don’t forget to have a hair trial to make sure you love your aisle updo.

New Hair Hue
Back away from the bleach and limit color changes to your manicure. Who wants highlights that are too bright or lowlights that wash you out? Ask your stylist to apply a clear gloss treatment for thickness and shine instead.

Crash Diets
Looking to shed those last couple of pounds right before your nuptials? Proceed with caution as juice cleanses, detoxes, and other drastic diets can drain your energy, give you headaches, affect your skin, and make you feel ill. The days leading up to your walk down the aisle should be filled with healthy, nutritious meals and routine exercise.

Sure, facials can clear toxins and give you a beautiful glow, but they can also give you a rash and make you break out. The key to a beautiful bridal face is clear, healthy skin. So, drink plenty of water, stick to your normal regimen (no new cleansers or products), and get as much sleep as you can to keep your face looking fresh.


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