Wedding Favors With Heart

Five gifts that your guests will truly appreciate.

Scratching your head about wedding favors? Try one of these non-traditional items — we guarantee that guests won’t leave them at the tables.

Photo by Katie Noble Weddings

(Photo by Katie Noble Weddings/Used with permission)

The soundtrack of your love
Create a playlist that tells the story of your relationship — include songs that have meaning to the two of you and songs that are special for your friends and family. There should be an insert in each CD, detailing the songs and why you chose them, too.

Loved recipes
Place a recipe card and one or two dry ingredients from a favorite dish — Mom’s renowned gnocchi or Grandpa’s Portuguese rice, maybe? — in a mason jar or decorative bag. After all, the best way to your guests’ hearts is through their stomachs. Tip: Include the dish on your menu so friends and family can taste the recipe before making it at home.

Beautiful blooms
Fill small envelopes with a message and your favorite seeds, then tie them to terracotta pots to leave at each place. As the flowers grow, guests will be reminded of the beautiful day you shared.

Signature sips
You love coffee, he loves tea… why not give both? Include a small bag of your favorite ground coffee and a few bags of his favorite tea in a tin. Decorate the container and include a handwritten or printed note with the names and descriptions of the contents.

Give money in your guests’ names to a charity and leave at note at each table that explains your choice. Loved ones will appreciate the gesture — and it may just inspire them to get involved.

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