Exit Strategy

Nothing says “just married” like a whimsical getaway vehicle. Three local couples share the tales behind their transportation choices. —As told to Christina Jedra

just married vehicle idea canoe

Photograph by Studio Nouveau

Johanna Cavanagh Wolff & Nathan Philip Chesley

Nathan: We had this very emotional ceremony, after which we walked out onto the docks. We were both convinced that the guests had gone on their way to the cocktail hour, and we had this deeply emotional moment and felt alone on the dock. When we turned around, everybody was there, and there was an overwhelming rush of joy. There was a transitional element to it. We were uniting in this bond of marriage and we departed the ceremony and there was just the two of us in this vessel.

Johanna: We were ready to embark on life’s adventures together. Getting into that canoe symbolized that to everyone else, but I knew it before I got in.

Nathan: For us, it was a very, very special moment. If we could relive that whole weekend, that’s one thing we certainly wouldn’t change.

just married vehicle idea vintage car

Photograph by Emilie Inc.

Kim Conaty & David Hollely

Kim: It was my dad’s car. My father has always had this obsession with Corvettes since my sister and I were little kids. We wanted modern elegance for the wedding, but always with an extra flourish, extra pizzazz. We loved the idea of having some sort of grand exit.

We realized that David was going to have to drive, not my dad. That ended up being this incredibly symbolic thing. He had to practice the stick shift with my dad, but in the end my dad had to hand over the keys.

Shortly after our wedding my dad got another classic Corvette, and now that’s being reserved for my sister for her wedding. There’s not a date on the calendar, but down the line, that will be for her.

just married vehicle idea bike

Photograph by Elissa Koren Photography

Alec McLeod & Michael Williamson

Alec: We had a brunch wedding and it just seemed like a fun thing to do. We contacted a local bike shop, Papa Wheelies, and they’re the ones that provided the cycle. The day before the wedding, we went over there to test-drive, and I realized that I was a horrible driver—or Michael was a horrible backseat driver—so we had to switch.

Michael: We do most things in life together, so it seemed fitting that we worked together on that as well.

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