Four Intimate Wedding Proposals

Check out these simple ways to pop the question.

Proposal photo via Shuttterstock.

Proposal photo via Shuttterstock

Forget jumbotrons and fireworks. A proposal doesn’t have to be over-the-top to be extremely romantic. No matter how you choose to ask your partner to spend his or her life with you, it will be the perfect moment— as long as you speak from the heart. Check out these intimate proposal ideas for inspiration:

Beeline for your special place
When you first started dating, did you have a spot you would always meet? Maybe it was a bench on your college campus, or a corner café you both loved?  Turn this meaningful meeting place into a proposal setting. Then, on your anniversary, head back there to celebrate together.

Stay home sweet home
If you’ve been cohabiting for years, why not choose the house you’ve built together as the place where you propose? Your home is filled with love, memories, and pieces of your romance. It holds special meaning. Get home early from work; sprinkle the floor with rose petals, and light a few candles. Then, when she walks through the door, tell her you have a question.

Say it in a love song
Maybe you’re not the singer-songwriter type, but that doesn’t mean music can’t play a big part in your proposal. Create a playlist for her filled with songs that are special to the two of you. Then, at the end of the playlist, add a recording of your voice asking her to marry you.  Take a mini road trip and listen to the songs together—when she hears your voice comes on asking her to marry you, she’ll surely say yes.

Take a stroll
As cliche as it sounds, there’s nothing like a long walk on the beach, down your favorite path in the forest, or through the sparkling snow to set the mood. As you walk along, tell her how much you care and reminisce over some of your favorite times. Before you turn around to head home, get down on one knee, and tell her that you want to share thousands of walks just like this one with her.

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