Finding the Right Wedding DJ

Tips for picking and working with your big day spinster.

A DJ at the equipment deck via Shutterstock.

A DJ at the equipment deck via Shutterstock.

A good wedding DJ helps set the tone of your whole affair— but with all the styles and personalities out there, selecting the right music pro can be a challenge. Ease the process by asking questions, being direct, and focusing on these five areas:

The personality
If your DJ is also going to emcee the reception, his personality should match the style of your wedding. If you want everyone on the dance floor all night long, then look for someone who is lively and has a vast library of dance music and mixes to keep the party going. If you’re going for a classic, intimate affair, you’ll want someone with subtler approach. Meeting a spinster in person is always the best way to find out if he’s a good fit for your big day.

The playlist
Music truly sets the tone for any event and since it’s your wedding, you should have a say in what’s playing. Tell your DJ which songs are important to you and which songs you want to avoid. Make sure he’s open to suggestions and understands the type of music you enjoy. Tip: Creating a playlist together with your fiancé is one way communicate your preferences.

The requests
Family and friends often have great intentions when making song requests at your wedding. However, you don’t want it to get out-of-hand. Let your DJ know whether you want him to accept requests in advance. Not a fan? Ask him to tell guests that their requested songs are unavailable. You can also ask your DJ to wait until later in the evening to take requests, or to only accommodate a certain number of requests. That way, the evening will go smoothly and you’ll get to enjoy the songs you truly love.

The extras
If you opt for your DJ to also be your lighting professional, be specific about what you want the mood to be and how the space should look throughout the event. Select the colors and number of lights ahead of time, as well as the placement. DJs can also add screens, bubbles, smoke, even club-like features. Some of these may be great for later in the evening, once the party has really started. It’s up to you.

The budget
Set a budget and ask that the number of hours and extras be communicated in writing so there are no surprises when the big day comes. Set up a payment plan and request that the final payment be due before the actual wedding, so you don’t have to worry about exchanging money when you should be getting your glam on.

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