Achieve Bridal Zen

Wedding-planning woes getting you down? Keep calm and carry on with these words of wisdom from local pros.

Illustration by Kali Ciesemier

Illustration by Kali Ciesemier

Ban Drama.

Conflicts often come up during planning. But the thing to remember and repeat is: This is not the time for that. This is the time for love, connectedness, and peace. Deal with the other things later. —Andrew Kang, Boston Professionals Counseling

Embrace Stress.

Know that stress, joy, and conflicting feelings are part of getting married, and hold all of it with gentleness toward oneself and others. Give yourself permission to fully feel what’s happening. —Ashley Goodwin, Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston

Get Organized.

Create a planning timeline and stick to it. Divvy up the tasks. Meet no more than once a week to discuss your progress. Check off completed tasks and move on. There is life beyond wedding planning to be enjoyed. —Lynn Gladstone, interfaith reverend

Lose Yourself.

An activity, like learning to dance, involves your whole mind and body. Moving to the music and being embraced by your favorite person in an environment where having fun is just as important as learning is the perfect combination for decompression. —Michele Cloutier, Dance in Boston

Om and Repeat.

Whenever we practice yoga, we start to notice that the body is always in the present moment, while the mind is like the “flux capacitor”—always time traveling to some issue in the past or to some future problem. When we bring attention to our body, we can use the body as a barometer to bring attention to our breath. —Andrew Kelley, the Boston Buddha

Block Off the Week Before.

Nothing should be put off that could have been done earlier, including applying for and picking up the wedding license. —Don Gage, non denominational minister

Take Notes.

Wherever you’re gathering documents, use Post-its to jot down relationship reminders (like “we are celebrating our love”). Each time you go to your papers, you’ll see these messages. —LisaAnn DuKaten, Boston Wedding Group

Stay Healthy.

Make sure all of your usual self-care practices are still in place, even when wedding planning is heating up. If exercise and good nutrition are important to you normally, they should be even more important during stressful times. —Molly Froelich, life coach

Keep It Simple.

If certain aspects of the planning process become overwhelming, ask yourself: How could I simplify this? What would I say to a friend with the same problem? —Gabrielle Stone, Stone Event Planning

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