Solving the Tricky ‘Something Blue’ Wedding Mystery

Add these blue touches to your wedding for a bit of extra good luck.

Queen & Co Twinkle Goosebumps self-adhesive stones/Photo courtesy of Joann Fabrics

Queen & Co Twinkle Goosebumps self-adhesive stones. / Photo courtesy of Jo-ann Fabric

Whoever put the “something blue” into that poem for wedding day good luck must have been out of his or her mind. Sure, dozens of friends throw rings and broaches at you to “borrow.” Family members pop up with “old” additions to your gown like lace trim and sashes. And there’s the obviousness of the “new” dress.

The blue item is always the sore loser.

No more. From splashes in your bouquet to blue rhinestones on the soles of your shoes, we have a few tricks to sneaking this shade into your bridal style as you celebrate your love true blue.

Nail It

You can certainly point to your groom as evidence of your luck in love, so paint your fingers in a pail blue shade to keep the good wishes going. Try OPI’s new sheer top coat in “I Can Teal You Like Me” for a subtle sheer overlay. A pedi in a deep blue sapphire can also work a more hush-hush magic under your dress.

Blue Suede Shoes

If strutting down the aisle in Elvis’s go-to showstoppers isn’t your style, hit the craft store for some small blue rhinestone appliques like Me and My Big Ideas Rhinestone Stickers. Dot them in the words “I do” on the soles of your wedding shoes. This also gives a nod to the oft-ignored fifth part of the wedding luck rhyme, “a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

Blue Blooms

Fill your bouquet with one of Mother Nature’s favorite natural good luck charms, such as hydrangea, irises, delphinium, cornflower, hyacinth, thistle, and forget-me-nots that come in varying hues of blue. Trust us. These floral charmers will be hard to forget.

Ribbons & Bows

Whether you’re wrapping it around your bouquet or weaving it through your hair, one of the easiest ways to enhance your style with this good luck shade is through blue ribbon. If you have a little more ingenuity, your wedding gown’s corset laces in back could even be a great place to replace the traditional white with a pop of rich blue ribbon.

Precious Stones

Blue stones like sapphires shine bright like a diamond (see what we did there?) against wedding white, so consider adding them to your bridal jewelry like earrings or a simple ring. Or have a romantic Rose-and-Jack moment with a giant blue diamond pendant that conjures up a love that lasts forever.

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