Your BFF (Beauty Find Friday): Getting Softer Lips

Say 'I do' to these tips.

Imprint kissing lips via Shutterstock

Imprint kissing lips via Shutterstock

You have a very important first kiss coming up, but how pretty is your pout?

Allow me to offer you a little lip service. Here are some tips on how to tell chapped skin, lackluster lips, and fading color to kiss off:

  • Peeling lips are unappealing, so it’s important to say sayonara to all that dead skin. For a DIY treat, mix 1 teaspoon of brown sugar with a few drops of olive oil and lightly rub the combo onto your dry lips in small circles.
  • Your lips are smooth. Now what? Fact: they won’t stay that way unless you hydrate. Choose a moisturizing balm with essential oils like almond or olive, or shea butter. Bonus: your lipstick color will glide on easier and last longer.
  • Your bridal makeup artist should know this, but it bares repeating. Kiss-perfect lips don’t come without first defining and filling in before your favorite shade. Creating a base with a neutral liner will help color stay put. Here’s a quick trick for aprés-lipstick: hold a tissue over lips and, using a powder brush, dust translucent powder over the tissue. This naturally sets lipstick for longer wear, from the walk down the aisle, to the lift over the threshold.
  • Sometimes it’s easy to ignore the skin around them. Nothing ages your face more than those pesky lines. Every night, apply an anti-aging formula to hydrate and help boost collagen production and firmness. Look for formulas that boast skin-savers like hyaluronic acid, peptides, and retinols.

Then, say hello to softer lips and a husband-and-wife kiss that lasts forever. Pucker up!

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