How to Pack for Your Honeymoon

From space savers to safety precautions, these tips pack a wallop.

wedding packing

Travel photo via Shutterstock

You and your significant other are starting a path to a new life together. First stop: the suitcase.

Packing for your honeymoon is an exercise in fortune telling (Will my bag get to our destination?), editing (Do I need five pairs of black heels?) and planning ahead (My allergies will probably act up…).

Here are a few tips to ensure that you have a blissful vacation in the bag.

Start planning early.

The actual suitcase doesn’t need to be packed until a day or two before you leave, but you should start making certain plans much earlier—things like checking into your airline’s baggage rules, finding out health and travel advisories for your destination, and calling your credit card and cell phone providers to let them know of your travels. Nothing is less romantic than having your Visa suspended because they think your actual overseas charges are fraudulent.

Play doctor.

You can’t frolic as husband and wife if one of you has a stomach issue. Pack some OTC meds on the off chance you become ill during your trip. Sunscreen and hand sanitizers are no-brainers, but don’t forget cold remedies, pain relievers, anti-diarrhea meds, allergy pills, nausea relief, and bug spray.

Split up.

Of course it won’t happen to you on your honeymoon, but we’re betting there has been a couple or two whose honeymoon fun has been cut short by a lost bag. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, split them up. Use a carry-on bag for your essentials and a checked one for the leftovers. Things to put in the carry-on include a change of clothing for you both, bathing suits, essential travel documents like itineraries and passports, and whatever else might elicit a sad face emoji text to your friends back home if it got lost.

Finding the perfect fit.

You have to worry about weight. Not yours. The luggage. There are several tricks to maximizing suitcase space and preventing over-packing. Roll each item of clothing tightly to avoid wrinkles and save space. Stuff socks inside of your shoes. Pick a color scheme and pack for it. Yes, you want him to see you in all your fabulous shades, but you have your lifetime to do that. Packing within one scheme allows for you to mix and match pieces, translating to fewer clothes.

Consider leaving your ring at home.

How dare we suggest you take your ring off?! Hear us out. The last thing you want is to lose your new wedding ring during a hiking trip, dip in the ocean, jet ski bump, or to the unthinkable. Some couples feel safer by buying less expensive versions of their rings, so they can travel anywhere and do anything carefree. If there’s no way you’re parting with your ring, bring something to store it in at the hotel during your outdoor excursions. A hotel room with a safe is a must.

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