Your BFF (Beauty Find Friday): Batting a Thousand

Lash extensions are every bride's secret beauty weapon.

Photo provided by Lash L'Amour

Photo provided by Lash L’Amour

“Lash extensions are a great pick-me-up for the brides,” says Cynthia Tsang, owner of Lash L’amour in Newton Center and on Newbury Street. “They give an instant eye lift and open up her entire face, which will make her look sexier, years younger, and amazing in her wedding photos.”

Looking younger, sexier, well-rested, and great in photos? Good. We have your attention.

So what’s the story with these magical wonders you’ve seen around Boston’s beauty scene? Lash extensions are semi-permanent alternatives to fake strips or mascara. They’re applied one at a time to your natural lashes and can last up to four weeks with the proper care.

“Better than makeup and Botox, eyelash extensions show instant gratification,” Tsang says. “They’re so natural looking, no one will be able to tell they’re glued on. But unlike strips, you don’t have to worry about them falling off during a night of celebrating.”

For the beautiful bride, Tsang recommends getting a dramatic yet natural set. This means up to 100 extensions per eye, each with a .15 thickness and length between 11 mm and 13 mm. And the fuller the better.

Lash L’Amour recently added a new multi-lash technique called Russian volume, a.k.a. 3D-6D lashes, to the menu. Tsang is pulling out the big guns for the most gorgeous lashes. Instead of 100 at .15 thickness extensions per eye, she can get up to 600 0.05 thickness lashes on each one of your peepers.

“They are to die for and perfect for a honeymoon trip,” she says.

Regardless of which level of drama you choose, Tsang suggests getting your first lash set put on two weeks before your wedding day, perhaps for just in time for your bachelorette party or bridal shower. Because you will shed the extensions as your natural lashes shed, go in for a refill the day before your nuptials.

Although the day-after “don’t” list for taking care of your lashes is pretty long (read: no hot showers, no sauna, etc.), Tsang says take this with a grain of salt when it comes to your honeymoon.

“It is your honeymoon!” she says. “I recommend doing everything in moderation. You can swim, go in the sauna, get spa treatments, and take warm showers.” Also making sure your lash specialist uses brand-new adhesive will help with the longevity of your extensions.

But if your honeymoon is in a humid location, Tsang leaves you with this advice: “Spend more time in air-conditioned places.”

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