A Model Proposal: Xaviera and Dejahn

After a sneaky—and sweet—proposal, we catch up with a bride-to-be.

Back in December, Maggie Inc. model Xaviera thought she was booked for a bridal photo shoot. On the day, it turned out the male model “canceled.” Xaviera’s boyfriend, Dejahn, filled in.

You see where this is going, don’t you? Well, she didn’t. Not until the question was popped, the crowd went wild, and the tears of happiness fell.

The video above, shot by Together Forever Films, shows how Dejahn pulled off the creative proposal. Here, we catch up with Xaviera to find out how the couple’s wedding plans are coming along.

What a fantastic surprise proposal. How did it feel?

The entire proposal felt like a dream. I realized it was real when family and friends were calling from Washington D.C. to say congrats and they saw it on their local news channel. We took a few weeks after he proposed just to let everything settle in, especially with his proposing a few days before the holidays.

How are your plans going?

They’re going pretty well. It’s crazy because in my mind I had this whole day planned before he even proposed, but now that it’s real, there are so many options! I’ve been attending a lot of wedding expos, getting ideas, and now we’ve been sorting through all of the ideas from expos and Pinterest. I have no idea how anyone planned weddings pre-Pinterest!

Has it been an exciting time?

At times, I’m not sure if it’s going smoothly! But it’s been a lot of fun. We created our wedding website together, and I did a “bridesmaid proposal” for the bridal party. At the beginning of March, we had an engagement party with 220 guests at Blue Hills Country Club in Canton. We had an ice sculpture from Eyes 4 Ice, lighting from Signature Lighting Boston, a photo booth from XO Photo, cake and pastries from Montilio’s, and a DJ from Allstyle Entertainment. Everyone had a great time!

So give us the details!

We’re still working them out. We’re weighing our options between a destination wedding or having a wedding locally.  We both have pretty large families and want to make sure everyone can come. We have cut the list down to 300 people. Yeah, I know not much of a cut right? But all of those people are important to us. We have had a hard time finding venues large enough without breaking the bank. But otherwise we have picked colors—orchid, purple, and fuchsia—and we know we want a black-tie theme wedding, which may be hard to pull off if we go the beach route.

If you decide to go local, do you have any thoughts?

If we do the wedding locally, we have selected Together Forever Films for video and Charlotte Designs for florist. We would use the same lighting and ice sculpture vendors for the wedding that we used for the engagement party. I have also begun looking at styles of gowns. Within the next two months we have plans to visit two resorts and then make a decision between local and destination.


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