In with the Old: Vintage Ideas for Your Wedding

Incorporate some of the past into your future.

Photo by Leah Haydock Photography

Photo by Leah Haydock Photography

Whether it’s all about the sheer romance of days gone by or a sentimental nod to your own heritage, vintage items create a timeless touch to your big day. From wearing your grandmother’s necklace as you walk down the aisle to wrapping your celebration in a roaring ’20s vibe, these can be as subtle or as dramatic as you please.

Here are a few ways Erin McEvoy and Mallory Quinn, co-owners of Every Little Moment Lifestyle & Events, incorporate the past into their Boston and Cape Cod brides’ future.


“There’s nothing as classic and beautifully vintage as a gold wax stamp as the closure for your wedding invitations,” says McEvoy. Find a symbol that really captures the essence of your day and you as a couple (no-brainer alert—this is a great time to try out your new monogram). “This is a gorgeous and rich touch to your wedding invitations that’s uncommon and will be a standout for your guests.”

Your Gown

A long, off-white gown with lace-detailing and an ethereal look is the best way to set a vintage “just pulled this from my mother’s closet” look for your wedding day, according to Quinn. If you want to use your mom’s actual gown, but it’s not exactly your style (hello puffy shoulders), she suggests taking some of the aspects from the gown  you love and bringing them to your bridal appointment to potentially incorporate into your own dress. “Not only will it be truly ‘vintage,’ but it will just be one more special touch you can add to your day,” she says.


Simple touches like mercury glass votives and using a lace-overlay linen add a touch of romantic vintage to set the mood.


A soft antique hue enveloping your guests as they celebrate? Yes, please. To walk into a tent or outdoor venue and see vintage candelabras, lanterns hanging from trees, and tall candlesticks scattered down a tablerunner is breathtaking.


Create that old-school feel with your glassware. Instead of the tall champagne glass, McEvoy suggests switching it up and serving your signature cocktail in a classic coupe-style glass. When they’re scattered across a vintage metal platter, they really glisten.


McEvoy says to make sure the vintage whimsy is not only in the decor but in every little moment of the day. “The font for the menu, placecards, and seating signage can really add a nice feel to the day.” She warns against bold, thick, bubble-letter fonts, and says you should instead embrace curls and swirls.


If you’re showcasing a photo journey of your love story on a table at the reception, Quinn suggests finding unique, vintage-looking frames. “Take it one step further and get all your photos printed in either a black-and-white format or a warm, honey sepia,” she adds.


What’s your pleasure—the roaring ’20s, the swinging ’30s, the groovy ’70s? Pick a century or decade and research music that would fit your cocktail hour or reception. If you just can’t decide, mix it up. “If jazz music is the perfect match, but you know you need to dance your heart out to Beyonce, book the jazz musicians for your cocktail hour, and your reception can bring your friends back to the 21st century,” adds McEvoy.


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