Floral Headpieces Bloom with Beauty

Florist Orly Khon gives tips on how to use lush flowers in your hair.

Delicate petals cascading into a wedding veil. A wreath of baby’s breath adorning a sideswept braid. White garden roses and cream-colored tulips atop a bride’s tousled locks. Yes, we have all witnessed the magic of a floral headpiece and the beauty it adds to bridal style. So we asked florist Orly Khon, owner of Boston’s Orly Khon Floral Boutique (formerly Tangerine Creations), how to work this pretty adornment.

When you’re considering a floral headpiece, make sure it matches your wedding vibe. If you have an urban location and your groom is working a black tie, this might not be for you. “A more natural, whimsical bride chose to do these types of headpieces,” says Kohn of this wanderlust-inducing adornment. “I would say mostly outdoor brides who tend to have a casual wedding choose floral headpieces.”

But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the classic traditional veil for this Mother Nature nod, unless you really want to. “I feel you can incorporate the two,” she says. “Some brides feature just a headpiece, but if you have a light veil it does complement the headpiece.” Have your florist work with you to decide on how to address your veil’s placement and how it will work in unison with the blossoms.

Although orchids would look lovely, do they have the staying power needed for hours of wear? Maybe not. Kohn suggests choosing stronger, longer-lasting flowers because not only are headpieces out of water, but also, let’s face it, they’re getting a workout. Not only is your beauty head-turning on your big day, but you’ll also be doing a little head turning, dancing, and celebrating. The flowers will get quite jostled. Her go-tos are ranunculus, spray roses, and small-headed peonies. They offer a lovely range of sizes while still boasting a durability.

Now the question is—where to put them? Kohn enjoys using combs, fashioning full headpieces and making simple crowns. But the rule of (green) thumb is to keep the hair simple. “If you want to do a floral headpiece, your hair can be a simpler style to highlight the flowers,” she says. “Having your hair down or half up would be great ways to highlight a garland headpiece. With a comb, a low bun would be great. You just don’t want to make your hair too busy.”


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