BFF (Beauty Find Friday): Beach Wedding Styles

With advice from local makeup artist Dani Wagener.

Gentle sand dunes, far-off seaside cries of gulls, picturesque crashing waves (far from your guests, thank you very much). Yes, your beach wedding will be beautiful.

And so will you, beach bride, with the help of Boston makeup artist Dani Wagener.

“There are so many ways brides can incorporate the beach vibe,” she says. “Even if a bride is literally getting married right on the beach, she’s typically wearing a very nice gown. So her makeup should really be appropriate for that.”

From Mexico to Naples Florida, Newburyport to Cape Cod, Wagener has beautified quite a number of brides for their seaside ceremonies. Here’s what she had to say about yours.

In terms of beach wedding style, what should a bride keep in mind?

My number one advice for any bride wearing makeup is to be true to yourself, and do what makes you feel beautiful. I don’t think just because someone has a beach wedding that means they should have super natural barely-there beach makeup, unless that’s what suits you. Great makeup should work with any vibe you’re trying to pull off. I’ve had a lot of glamorous beach brides, and I’ve also had a lot of beautiful natural ones!

What’s your biggest problem when facing a beach day event?

My biggest challenge is typically humidity. Even though I can still get a brides makeup to last indefinitely, there’s nothing to prevent you from sweating, so that can be tricky!

So what’s the solution?

My goal is always for her skin to look healthy, beautiful, and flawless. I really stay away from thick primers and heavy powders. Texture is so important because the glaring hot sun is makeup’s worst enemy. So sometimes less is more if it works with the skin.

What is a great makeup color palette for a beach wedding?

I love a good bronzy look, natural or dramatic, but it’s important to pop some color into the lip and cheek to balance it out. I would really take into consideration the dress here, any accessories as well, and even floral colors because they help set the tone and shape the all over look and feel the bride’s going for.

What’s the balance between wedding drama and outdoor natural?

For eyes, I would base it on what they typically are used to. If one of my clients is a regular makeup lover, she’s probably not going to go super natural all of a sudden because she’s having a beach wedding. She still wants to play off of what she does everyday. So again, be true to yourself and do what makes you feel your best. For lips, I’ve had beach brides do everything from a slick of nude gloss to a bright fuchsia.

What about lashes—long and luscious or more natural?

I’m a huge fan of voluminous lashes, but I do always keep them somewhat natural for an outdoor wedding. I would play off the brides own lash typically or incorporate her views on the shape of her eyes. Sometimes clients like to make their eyes appear larger or wider, and depending on how the lashes are placed that can make a big difference.

How do you see beach wedding hair playing out?

Not as formal or overdone. Something to think about with a beach wedding for hair or makeup is obviously the elements. If it’s a really hot or windy day, maybe a nice chignon or something up and tousled will work. Soft loose curls could fall flat pretty quickly.


Dani’s favorite products that stand up to the elements:

Skin: Ellis Faas Skin Veil—fantastic coverage, breathable, and can be buffed to a lightweight finish. Flushed Palette by Urban Decay in Naked—the color is great for a variety of skin types.

Eyes: MUFE Aqua Matic pencils—great texture and beyond waterproof.

Lips: OCC’s Stained Gloss—can be blended with other products or worn alone; it stains the lips, and is long-lasting and lightweight in texture.


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