Five Bridal Shower Superstitions to Watch Out for

To optimize good luck in your marriage, you might want to heed these warnings. You just never know.

bridal shower superstitions

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You and your friends are gathered at your bridal shower, celebrating your upcoming nuptials. Little did you know that certain actions during your fête could you determine the course of the rest of your life. No pressure, right?

Whether you think they’re silly or take serious stock in these superstitions, you might want to heed these warnings. You just never know.

The Ribbon Bouquet: As each present is opened, the ribbon is handed to a guest (usually a bridesmaid or the maid of honor). A hole is cut into the center of a paper plate, and each ribbon is pushed through, leaving the larger bow on the top of the plate and the rest of the ribbon dangling down the other. For good luck, the bride uses this ribbon plate as a practice bouquet during the wedding rehearsal.

The First Bridal Shower Gift: Once again for good luck, whichever gift the bride opens first is the item she should use first in her married home.

Break a Ribbon, Have a Baby: A favorite among shower goers is paying attention to the number of ribbons the bride breaks as she opens her gifts. This will supposedly equal the number of kids she will have.

The Third Gift: The giver of the third gift will soon have a baby. This could be a fun trick to play on an unsuspecting guest.

Give a Penny with a Knife: That set of Wüsthofs you registered for has the potential to bring along some bad voodoo. As the superstition goes, it’s bad luck to give the gift of a knife—it supposedly implies wanting the relationship to be severed by the blade. But not to worry—to counteract this negativity, a coin (usually a penny) should be included with the gift. This way, you can “buy” the knife from whomever is giving it to you. Now it’s all business, not personal.

The Waiting Game: Although you’re excited to unfurl those 1,500-thread count Egyptian cotton linens, hold off until after the wedding. It’s considered terrible luck to use any of your shower gifts before marriage. Pack them away, so you’re not even tempted, to be opened only after you’ve been officially proclaimed husband and wife.


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