The Horizontal Bouquet Adds a New Dimension to Your Wedding Flowers

Winston Flowers shows brides the hottest trends in floral design.

Photograph courtesy of Winston Flowers

Photograph courtesy of Winston Flowers

The hottest trend in a bride’s hand these days is the horizontal bouquet, a shelf-like drape of vines, branches, and florals that can either lay in your arms or drape out to the sides. This beautifully relaxed arrangement is fit for a beach, vineyard, or garden wedding, but ballroom brides could also indulge in their slightly deconstructed, freshly-picked feel.

“To build a horizontal bouquet, it is best to do so with garden flowers and vines, such as clematis and jasmine vines, garden roses, and Queen Anne’s Lace,” says Benjamin Newbold, creative director of Floral and Events for Winston Flowers. “These types of flowers have stems that fall open to create less of a round shape.” This gives your bouquet a wild, natural effect.

Ivy berries, lilacs, and hyacinth are also preferable for more texture and scent, or you can try incorporating larger flowers such as dahlias when in season. “This gives more space for flowers to be appreciated,” he adds. Your florist can also add long tails of ribbons to match the bouquet to colors in your wedding palette.

Although Newbold believes that horizontal bouquets work best with simpler, lesser adorned wedding gowns, he doesn’t shun the fancy bride. “It could also be used with an elegant dress to create a juxtaposition of the dress and the bouquet,” he adds.

This softened bouquet sets a cool and collected tone for your Big Day. It just might be time to tell those uptight flowers to take a hike.

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