How to Put Your Special Touch on Your Wedding

Don't hesitate to add little details that are all about you.

You aren’t a cookie cutter, so your wedding day shouldn’t be either. Here’s how to add a few touches to your day with quirky details that are all you.

Wear sneakers. Perfect for all-day comfort and dancing the night away, sneakers are a fun alternative option to heels. If more traditional family members take offense to your kicks, your floor-length gown comes to the rescue, hiding them for the photos.

Walk down the aisle to your favorite song. With apologies to Pachelbel, the Canon in D Major isn’t right for everyone. Shake things up and instead walk down the aisle to a favorite love song. Just be sure the pace is one you can comfortably keep up with.

Sew your favorite color into the lining of your dress. Bring your dress to a tailor and have them sew in a two-to three-inch bottom lining in a bright color (try royal blue, or bright true red). Each step down the aisle is a surprise pop of a hue.

Write on the soles of your shoes. While designer Sophia Webster has cornered the market in sneaky shoe bottom sentiments, decorate the bottoms of your heels with your own message. Choosing tiny blue stick-on rhinestones also has the “something blue” notion covered.

Create a signature cocktail. Having your own drink-of-choice is the perfect way to add a personal touch to the celebration. Work with your caterer or bar manager to decide what should go into the drink, as well as any funky names you might want to call it.

Opt for a colored gown. Ditch the white dress and instead find inspiration with one in your favorite colors. Strut down the aisle in soft blush or pastel shade.

Don’t like cake? Then don’t have cake. Instead have a dessert bar, full of your favorite treats like individually wrapped chocolate truffles, ice cream parfaits or even a DIY station where guests can decorate their own cupcakes.

Share your passion. Incorporate your hobbies into the reception. If the you love cooking, give out a booklet of your favorite recipes as a wedding favor. Or better yet, bake your own favors like cookies, jam, or infused cocktails with personalized labels. Mason jars filled with bacon-infused bourbon? Yes, please.

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