What to Do When Your Shoes Don’t Love You Back

These products will help when your wedding heels are killing you.

Photograph courtesy of Foot Petals

Photograph courtesy of Foot Petals

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to miss the last dance because your feet are in pain. From friction sticks to numbing sprays, puffy insole pads to taping tricks, here are products that’ll save your tired toes.

Heel No Pain High-Heels and Stilettos Relief Foot-Numbing Spray: High-heel wearers, rejoice. This is the first-ever foot product to feature lidocaine hcl, which is most commonly administered by doctors. It’s clinically-proven to safely deaden pain by directly numbing the nerves. It works in minutes and lasts for hours. $29.95, amazon.com.

Sole Mates Blister Blocker: A brand-new way to stave off blisters, this clear waxy formula glides on smoothly and creates an invisible barrier that keeps friction at bay. Translation: it prevents your shoes from rubbing your feet the wrong way. $10, thesolemates.com.

Medical tape: Trust us on this one. Taping the third and fourth toe together with surgical tape creates less strain on the nerve that splits between the toes. It’ll alleviate the pain in the balls of your feet.

Woly Little Kitten Soft Metatarsal Forefoot Shoe Pads: This little pad sits underneath the ball of your foot, lifting the forefoot to separate the third and fourth toes. This means less pain, more fun. $17.99, amazon.com.

Foot Petals’ new Tip Toes Bridal Collection: From walking down the aisle to dancing the night away, these stress-reducing ball of the foot cushions are made from Poron, which keep your feet cool and dry while giving them cushy comfort. They even have ‘Mrs.’ or ‘I Do’ written on them. You know, in case you forgot. $6.95, footpetals.com.

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