Define Your Eyes with Acuvue 1 Day Define

These contacts give you a renewed sparkle in the blink of an eye

Acuvue Define lens in the left eye

Acuvue Define shimmer lens in the left eye. / Photo via Acuvue

Everyone can surely see the love in your eyes, but there’s actually a way to enhance that certain sparkle. Contact-wearing brides, gather around.

Acuvue 1 Day Define is the latest technology in contact lenses, and they add an extra bit of beauty to your eyes for your big day.

Launched in Russia and only available in the United States since this past April, these “enhancing” lenses are the first name-brand contacts that darken the limbal ring, the iris’s outer border. If you’re wondering why someone would want to do this, just read this University of California at Irvine study. It showed that men and women were perceived as more attractive when they had darker limbal rings.

The contacts create a clearly defined outline around the iris and use iris-inspired designs that have light-effect patterns to add depth and dimension without changing the eye’s natural coloring. These new lenses enhance the outer ring subtly to make your eyes appear younger, brighter, and larger. This in turn gives your lids a lift, making you look refreshed. Bonus: they also have UV blocking.

There are three patterns available. “Sparkle” and “Shimmer” are perfect for lighter eyes in the blue, green, and hazel shades and add a tiny touch of aqua or khaki, while “Shine” is for a more intense darker brown iris.

Acuvue 1 Day Define is available with a prescription through Lunette Optic in Boston, one of the few companies in the U.S. to have them.

Now you can look at your groom with a new kind of sparkle in your eye.


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