TLC’s New Brides Gone Styled Show Fixes Wedding Fashion Disasters

Celebrity stylists Gretta Monahan and Robert Verdi bring brides out of their style funks.

Photograph courtesy of TLC

Photograph courtesy of TLC

A good fashion rule of thumb: When your day’s agenda reads “wedding” but your outfit says “strip club,” you might need a little guidance.

Enter celebrity stylists Gretta Monahan (a Boston gal, of course) and Robert Verdi. On their new TLC show, Brides Gone Styled, they take fashion don’ts who are about to say “I do” and turn them into fabulously styled brides.

Consider this a marriage of two of TLC’s most beloved genres: wedding dresses and makeovers. Monahan and Verdi make it their mission to take the worst of the worst-dressed and transform them into stunning brides. This season’s fashion challenges include a tomboy, a heavy metal rocker, a hippie, and a glitter-obsessed goth girl.

In each episode, the bride in question shows our dynamic duo the dress she’s picked out. In return, Monahan and Verdi offer their own expert opinion and offer her three dresses they think would flatter her more (not to mention sassy commentary and perhaps a snappy argument or two). As the bride tries on each dress, the stylists propose hairstyles and makeup options that would best complement each look. Finally, each bride selects her favorite dress in secret and reveals it to the show’s hosts, as well as her friends and family. Queue the tears.

You can watch Monahan and Verdi bring brides out of their fashion funks starting Friday, June 12, at 9:30 p.m.

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