Cinema-Quality Wedding Videos Make Movie Magic

Capture the moments from your big day with big-screen-worthy videography.

Still from the video of Dahlia and Nate's wedding

Still from the video of Dahlia and Nate’s wedding/photograph by Julie Lippert Photography

“Video wasn’t a priority at the start planning our wedding, but I ended up really wanting to be able to see the moments that I wouldn’t see at the wedding—for example, everybody else walking down the aisle. I wanted more of a ‘live’ capture of the day,” remembers Dahlia Chertok, who married her love, Nate, on May 10 at the Commander’s Mansion in Watertown.

Forget about Aunt Joan’s 1999 wedding video with the clunky camera setup and horrendous interviews with drunk guests. Wedding videography has evolved: Thanks to documentary-grade movie-making technology and mood-matching music, now you can hit replay over and over on the cinema-quality video of your big day.

“This is one of the most important days of your life, after all, and the most captured,” says Brittany Blando, owner of BKB & Co. Her cinema team has attended prestigious film institutions and not only works on producing and editing Hollywood films (including Johnny Depp’s Black Mass) but helps couples with their own cinematic debut. “Hearing sound and voices and seeing how you looked at each other during your first dance goes far beyond still photography. Hearing laughter or a toast from the father of the bride allows you to truly relive your special day in ways that memory alone cannot.”

Today’s savvy brides and grooms are capturing this special day in cinematography style. Whether it’s a five-minute highlight clip of must-see moments or a full-length movie showcasing the ceremony, speeches, and extensive interviews, this is reality “television” at its sweetest. Typically set to your selection of music, these keepsake videos are a treasure that goes far beyond the typical standstill one-angle video.

“Cinema is much more involved than photography when it comes to shooting and post-production. It isn’t just switching a camera on to record. There’s an art and science to real cinema-quality movies,” explains Blando. If you choose this style, plan on the camera operators and their assistants to be there from start to finish to capture your storyline from several angles on several cameras.

“Our videographers are responsible for capturing motion and emotion while blending behind-the-scenes [moments]. These important skills, in combination with top-of-the-line gear from sliders, drones and gliders, lens, microphones and movie-quality cameras make for guaranteed breathtaking videography,” she adds.

Once you’ve danced your last dance and hung up your dress, your memories will be preserved for generations to come.

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