BFF (Beauty Find Friday): Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Channel your windswept beauty with these whimsical seaside looks from stylist Patrice Vinci.

The best beach hair looks beautiful and effortless, with an aprés-surf vibe. With every loose strand intentionally placed for imperfect perfection, here are some of-the-moment beach wedding styles at Patrice Vinci Salon.

Photography by Gillian Gordon

Photography by Gillian Gordon

Beach Knots

Whether worn high on the head, off to the side, or low in the back, buns are a great style for beach brides. They’re the easiest to execute and offer a natural elegance and a not-too-finished look for your big day. In wearing a bun For this hairstyle, you can part your hair in the middle or off to the side, or you can go with no parting at all and just pull the hair straight up or all off to one side before securing the style. As with braids, you can enhance your bun with fabric, thread, or flowers—opt for borrowed or blue—for a signature hair statement of the day.

Photograph by

Photograph by Gillian Gordon

Relaxed Braids

Braids every which way are very in right now—and they’re great for beach day celebrations. Whether you wear your hear up in braids (thick or thin) or half-down with natural, beach-inspired waves and braids through the top, this style appears effortless and adds a youthful expression to your special day.

Photograph by Larry Hamilton

Photograph by Larry Hamilton

Beachy Waves

Modern beachy hairstyles are much shinier than the matte look of the past. Patrice Vinci tells us that she styles loose waves—long or short—with a curling iron or wand to give brides a romantic, elegantly bohemian look. She gives beach waves a formal finish and shine by applying an oil-based product just before using a curling iron or wand, ensuring your hair doesn’t frizz the minute your Manolos—or bare toes—touch the sand. For an extra guarantee of smooth sailing on the big day, she finishes with Après Beach spray from Oribe to separate hair, for a tousled style that allows a bride’s hair to romantically blow in the wind.


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