BFF (Beauty Find Friday): The 10 Commandments of Wedding Day Skin Care

Find out what you shalt and shalt not do, from the team at G2O Spa + Salon.

Your beauty regimen  is a pretty important part of your wedding day We asked the entire expert beauty team at G2O Spa + Salon for their advice in terms of must-dos and don’ts. Take heed. Here’s what you shalt and shalt not do for your wedding day skin care.

  1. If you’ll be wearing a veil during your ceremony but plan on taking it off during the reception, ask your stylist to show someone in your bridal party how to remove it without disrupting your style. — Dailin Davila, Stylist
  2. Wash your hair the night before the wedding, not the morning of. Bring your headpiece, veil, and jewelry with you to get your hair and makeup done. This way you can see the whole look before you leave the salon. — Robert Nazzarro,  Stylist
  3. Make sure to use a heavy hand cream the night before the wedding and cuticle oil the morning of the wedding to make sure your nails and hands look nice and moisturized for your big day. — Stephanie Gadman, Nail Technician
  4. Bring your own lip color. That way, when you get your makeup done, your makeup artist can use your lipstick, and you can carry it with you all day in your clutch for touchups after eating and drinking. — Brian Brady, Makeup Artist and Stylist
  5. Do an updo. Leaving your hair down can be a disaster. It can lose its curl and frizz up and get sweaty on your neck from dancing. When you have an updo, it’s always pinned and sprayed to perfection and you never have to worry about it! Carry a few extra bobby pins in your wedding clutch just in case something comes loose from dancing. It’s a safety net! — Brady
  6. Don’t rush. Have your hair and makeup timed out, so you can relax and enjoy the beauty process. Allow at least 45 minutes to an hour for makeup application on your wedding day. — Tessa McCullough, Makeup Artist
  7. Wear a button-down shirt, so you won’t smudge your beautiful wedding-day hair and make-up. — McCullough
  8. Don’t go too far out of how you wear your hair daily in terms of parting. For example, if you never pull your hair back straight, odds are, you won’t be happy with that style the day of your wedding. When you look back at pictures you want to feel comfortable with how you looked. Also, don’t try a new hair color for the wedding. — Tiffany Blair, Stylist
  9. A quick and easy way make sure your nails look fresh and glossy for your wedding day is the day of the wedding, wipe each nail down with a rubbing alcohol pad and then apply a thin coat of Seche Vite High Gloss Top Coat. — Marie Nguyen, Nail Department Supervisor
  10. Anti-humidity spray is a must-have for warm-weather weddings. It’s perfect for your last-minute finishing touches. You can always spray on more as the day goes on as it won’t weigh your hair down. We recommend Oribe Imperméable. — Darren Le, Stylist and Best of Boston winner


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