Choose Your Perfect Wedding Accessories

Gems of advice from jeweler Lux, Bond & Green about what to add to your wedding day outfit, from blue bangles to simple drop diamonds.

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You’ve spent hours looking and hours fitting, but you’ve finally shimmied into that perfect gown. Now it’s time to find the icing on the cake. Translation: What are your accessories?

“Today’s bride is all about her gown and overall look,” says John Green, president of Lux Bond & Green. “The jewelry shouldn’t distract from the gown and her aura. They should instead just add that element of ‘wow’ to her special day.”

When choosing your wedding accessories, think KISS—and we don’t mean your first kiss, but rather the old motto, “Keep it simple, stupid.”

Green finds that simplicity works best for a bride. “It doesn’t matter whether the dress is ornate or not,” he explains. “Adding a necklace, earrings, or bracelet, not all three, can complement her special outfit without drawing attention directly to the jewelry.”

The question is how to choose among this trio. “When her hair is up, earrings can both add the element of beauty, as well as help shape her face, depending on the styling,” says Green. “Bracelets, especially on long-sleeved gowns, add that element of ‘wow’ if balanced with the right materials.” He adds that necklaces work magnificently, depending on a bride’s gown’s neckline and body type, focusing the attention on her face and gown’s overall beauty.

It’s helpful to bring a photo of your gown along with you to the jeweler’s when you’re making your decision, taking into consideration how you’re wearing your hair, as well as the sleeves and neckline of your dress. “It also depends on the age of the bride. The older she is and whether it’s the first or second marriage always plays a role in the type of jewelry to accessorize the dress or gown,” he adds. Think edgy ear cuffs for a younger look or a classic pearls for an older bride.

Also sometimes a family heirloom can become a nice focal addition to your dress, says Green. This accessory pulls double duty, evoking memories and looking beautiful.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo


And although a gorgeous pair of stud earrings can make for a classic, when it comes to big-day diamonds, it’s the more the merrier, according to Green.

“Drop diamond earrings have become the hot item for the brides of 2015,” he adds. “They spend a lot of time with their hair for the special day. And what could be more befitting than adding a beautiful pair of diamond earrings to her special outfit and smile? Drop earrings from about one to two inches with smaller diamonds in beautiful patterns are today’s go-to bridal accessory.”

And of course, your accessories can easily cover the “something blue” part of your wedding wardrobe. Consider stacking sapphire rings (on your right hand, of course) or adding bangles of blue.

Whatever jewelry you choose, the spotlight will nevertheless be on one single accessory to come: your new wedding ring.


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