BFF (Beauty Find Friday): Banish Unwanted Tanlines

Too much fun in the sun? Here's what to do when a surprise sunburn threatens your strapless gown.

Tanned skin in the sun via Shutterstock

Tanned skin in the sun via Shutterstock

Although your MOH was on suntan lotion duty at the bridal party cabana party, after one too many sangrias, it slipped her mind. So now you have white strap marks where you won’t have straps on your wedding day, as well as some seriously pink cheeks.

Worry not. Here’s how to get rid of tan lines just days before your wedding.

  • First, drink tons of water to help your body repair the burn. This will hydrate you from the inside out, which can translate to less peeling in a few days.
  • Slather on the aloe. Keep a bottle of it in the fridge—or you can use it straight from the plant. Just cut open the thick stalks and squeeze out some of the healing green stuff.
  • Once you’ve had an initial aloe bath, it’s time to invade your fridge. Slather Greek yogurt or mashed-up avocado onto your skin for an all-natural hydrating cooldown. Both products heal dry and flaky skin from a sunburn. If you want to pull double-duty, mix aloe with a mashed avocado and pat it onto the burnt area. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse.
  • To even out the tan lines you have on your body, use a self-tanner to target visibly paler areas. Apply it to the offending stripes, repeating every few hours if needed. If you have too many tan lines to count (you just had to sport a trendy cut-out bathing suit with weird halter straps, didn’t you?), consider getting a full-body spray tan two days after your initial burn to even things out.
  • When you have raccoon eyes from your sunglasses, have your makeup artist use airbrush makeup on your big day. This approach can cover up a multitude of sins, including overzealous sun worshiping.


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