Know Your Best Man Duties

Here's what you're supposed to do as the groom's go-to guy.

He’s chosen you to stand up for him on his big day. So don’t let him down by slacking on your best man duties. Here’s a list of your responsibilities as his go-to guy.

Before the Wedding 

  • Help the groom choose his tux.
  • Organize groomsmen’s fittings.
  • Plan and give the bachelor party.
  • Make sure the other groomsmen are in check—for example, you should keep track of whether everyone’s picked up their tuxes/suits and made the appropriate tailor appointments.
  • Communicate with the rest of the wedding party on all the important dates, both pre-wedding and day-of. Keep everyone apprised of any changes in scheduling.
  • Help arrange wedding accommodations for out-of-town groomsmen.
  • Assist the groom in organizing the groomsmen’s gift, to be presented at the bachelor party.
  • Help coordinate transportation and lodging for all the groomsmen to get to the rehearsal and the wedding. Make sure they get there on time.
  • Arrange the couple’s departure from the reception, whether they drive (are you decorating the car?) or take a limo.

During the Ceremony 

  • Hold the bride’s ring. Expert tip: Place it in your vest pocket. If there’s a ring bearer, make sure he knows his job and that the rings are attached to the pillow.
  • Help the groom get dressed.
  • Have the groom give you any payments (in labeled and sealed individual envelopes) for the wedding officiant, musicians, or other staff; make sure to deliver them to proper parties.
  • Keep track of the marriage license.
  • Get the groom to the wedding venue on time.
  • Make sure all groomsmen are where they need to be on time, dressed appropriately, and with properly attached boutonnières.
  • Stand by the groom while waiting for the ceremony to start.
  • After the ceremony is complete, escort the maid of honor down the aisle. Then head back to escort the mother of the bride.
  • Sign the marriage license as a witness, along with the maid of honor.
  • Stand in the receiving line, if the couple has one.
  • If there isn’t a limo, drive the couple to the reception.

During the Reception 

  • Act as host, showing guests where to sit, telling them to where to put gifts, etc.
  • Organize groomsmen for formal photographs.
  • Give the first toast.
  • Dance with the maid of honor.
  • Help the groom change into his clothing to leave the reception. Take charge of his tux and return it or have it cleaned.


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