Eyebrow Extensions Are Raising the Bar for Beauty

Lash L'Amour becomes the first salon in Boston to offer this new service that'll have your brows looking luxe for the big day.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

Overplucking, overtweeing, overwaxing. Let’s face it. You’re over your thin eyebrows. So how do you fix the problem? Previously, brow powder and liner have been your only options. But not anymore.

Lash L’Amour has become the first salon in Boston to offer eyebrow extensions, and it’s a winner for brides who want Cara Delevingne brows for their big day. Made from synthetic hairs, brow extensions are similar to eyelash extensions. They create a symmetrical look, pulling the eyebrows into line with the other facial features.

If you’ve ever gotten lash extensions, you know the drill. If not, gather ’round—here’s how eyebrow extensions work: The aesthetician attaches individual brow hairs to your natural brow hair and/or skin. They fill in any noticeable gaps and also extend your eyebrow tips if yours are on the short side. This translates to great shape, length, curl, and thickness.

Whether your brows are naturally full, with just a couple of little gaps, or seriously over-plucked (we’ve all been there), this treatment works and lasts from two to three weeks, depending on how careful you are with your extensions.

As with lash extensions, you need to be gentle with them. Avoid scrubbing them when you cleanse your face and steer clear of oil-based makeup or skincare products when you’re wearing extensions.

These babies cost $85 to $250, depending on how sparse your brows are and how many hairs need to be applied. Is your brow raised with curiosity? Ours certainly are.

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