Six Important Questions to Ask Your DJ

Is one with a mic and mixer perfect for your wedding? Ask them these questions to find out.

Dancing couples during party or wedding celebration via Shutterstock

Dancing couples photo via Shutterstock

From the first announcement as husband and wife to the last dance, the DJ is who sets the tone for your reception. They have to get the crowd pumped, handle pesky requests, and play the hits—all without skipping a literal beat. Here are a few must-asks before you hire your wedding DJ.

1. How will you customize our music?

A DJ who creates a custom soundtrack for your celebration is a keeper. He/she should get a good handle on your style and taste during your meeting—for example: whether you want a swing session or a mosh pit (not recommended). While having a huge song bank is optimal, they should also be flexible with your own personal must-plays.

2. How do you get the crowd pumped?

There are tons of incentives to get people on the dance floor, from line dances to throwback songs, even actual interaction with the DJ. Ask how they get the crowd going during a lull, as well as whether they can cover all genres to get different generations of guests involved. Good DJs understand how to read a crowd, build up the energy, and keep it in full swing until the end.

3. How do you handle song requests?

Sometimes DJs don’t want their flow interrupted, but your guests are really what matters (second to you and your to-be, of course). Ask how your DJ strikes a balance to blend your wants, their skill, and guest requests. Bonus plan: If there are certain songs you don’t want played, is the DJ OK with being the “bad guy” telling the guests no?

4. Can I hear some examples of how you mix tracks?

No one wants an awkward silence between songs. When a DJ has mad mixing skills, the songs blend seamlessly. You can only make a decision when you actually hear their technique, so ask to listen to a sample of their work.

5. What sound equipment do you use? Do you bring backup?

Equipment to a DJ is as instruments are to musicians. With a turntable, the DJ has actual hands-on control and can make changes in real time with a simple touch. Some DJs are also starting to lean more on iPads and computers for a unique sound, more effects, and a wider arrangement. Regardless of what they use, backup equipment is essential, from a mic to a mixer to a laptop. You should also ask how soon before the reception they plan to arrive and how long it will take for them to set up.

6. Have you played at our chosen wedding venue before?

Since every venue varies in terms of setup location to sound quality, it’s important for DJs to have a visit if he/she hasn’t played your site before. They will need to know how to work the room’s acoustics.


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