How to Choose the Right Wedding Getaway Car

From Rolls-Royces to tractors, here's how to leave your wedding in style.

Photograph by Angela Greenlaw Photography

Photograph by Angela Greenlaw Photography

A boring four-door simply won’t do—even one covered in banners and balloons. You want to make a grand exit from your grand celebration. Here are some quick tips for choosing your wedding car.

Start down that road early. You should get your wedding car booked at least nine months before the ceremony, especially if you’re getting married during the peak season.

Address the ins and outs. Sure, you envision yourself slinking out of a hot Lamborghini to flashing photos, but does your hoop skirt and crinoline know of your dream departure? Keep your car choice in line with with your gown choice. This way, you can spend more time waving and blowing kisses than wondering how you’re going to get into the car.

Match your theme. The last thing you want during your rustic wedding is a classic fleet of Mercedes bumping along. It’s important to match the wedding location with the transportation. An urban chic could go antique with a ’79 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II, or even just a traditional limo, whereas a country wedding might warrant a classic convertible or even a Jeep.

Be unique. There’s some serious wow factor to showing up in a tractor to a rustic field wedding, a motorboat for an ocean setting, or even a Yellow Taxi for your urban celebration.

Be a diva. It’s your day, so whichever type of car you choose, ask if you can have additional wishes accommodated—your own playlist of tunes playing, a certain dress code for the driver, champagne for you and your love. While vintage cars might have stricter rules (no one wants to spill rosé in their Rolls), it never hurts to ask.


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