Hair Threading Is the Next Big Thing for Updos

Bye bye, bobby pins.

Courtesy photo/Photograph by Martin Gordon

Courtesy photo by Martin Gordon

You’ve heard of threading to remove unwanted hair, but there’s a new type of threading wrapping itself around Boston brides’ hairstyles.

Hair threading for updos is the art of using thin ropes to put up the hair into updo styles. Yes, you can finally say goodbye to your love-hate relationship with bobby pins.

“The beauty of threading is that it secures hair seamlessly and highlights a style. An updo magically becomes a customized work of art,” says Patrice Vinci of Patrice Vinci Salon, one of the few places in Boston that offers this technique.

Courtesy photo/Photograph by Martin Gordon

Courtesy photo/Photograph by Martin Gordon

With the messy buns and beach waves of the moment in bridal beauty, stylists at Patrice Vinci are working with hemp thread to perfect an imperfect yet perfectly “undone” style without the bother of bobby pins. For a more finished look, silk thread with sparkly metallic accents to complement your hair color (or even your metallic palette) can be “spun” within a look to direct and hold hair in place while also adding a tiny bit of bling.

Your photographer will also thank you, since hair threading translates to zero photo glare that you sometimes get from hair pins.

It’s official. We’ve pinned down our new favorite hair look.


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