BFF (Beauty Find Friday): Exposing the Brazilian Wax

Find out what to expect from this bare-all hair removal treatment.

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If you’ve ever peeped Brazil’s beaches jam-packed with tiny thong bikinis, you’ll understand why the bare-all hair removal technique “the Brazilian” originated there. Not one for the faint at heart, but definitely one for an entirely fuzz-free bikini area, this service removes all the hair from the front, between your legs, and around the buttock cheeks.

The description may be wince-inducing, but it’s not as scary as it sounds. Still, not all waxers are created equal—quality counts. Since your wax technician is getting into some very private areas, cleanliness is more important than ever. MiniLuxe is actually known for its cleaning processes, inspired by Boston’s world-renowned hospitals, so we asked Boston’s MiniLuxe aesthetician Rosie Ramos on what to expect when you dare to bare it all in the name of hair removal.

First and foremost, this rather intimate session depends on a balance between the discreet nature of a good wax expert and your own comfort level. Once you’re in the zone and can make it through, you could be saying goodbye to shaving for up to five weeks.

Prep at home by taking a shower and taking two ibuprofen 30 minutes before your appointment (if you’re not allergic, that is). Ramos warns about drinking booze or coffee/tea beforehand, since they could affect blood flow and cause higher pain sensitivity.

When you arrive for your Brazilian, start by letting them know if this is your first time. It’s not easy to expose yourself to someone (and they will be very up close and personal), so it’s important to open up a dialogue, and to be ready for what to expect.

“The room should be clean and the technician prepared for you with fresh waxing paper on the bed, a towel to drape, and something (for example, baby wipes) to freshen up with before your Brazilian,” says Ramos. “An aesthetician will prep the skin and take a gauge of the texture, growth, and condition of the hair and skin before she begins.” A great aesthetician will communicate exactly how the waxing treatment will go to put you at ease. The waxer should always wear gloves.

You can expect the wax to be warm, never hot. “The wax does feel warmer as the technician comes into the middle of waxing a bikini, as we have lots of nerve endings below,” Ramos explains. “Everyone has a different pain tolerance, but in general there’s discomfort in certain areas of the bikini, and it can depend on how close you are to your menstrual cycle.” Side note: Longtime Brazilian fans say the butt area hurts the least.

Leave the shy-gal act at the door: Your waxing expert might ask you to put your legs into strange postures (such as the frog position), and you’re going to be rolling over onto your stomach for the backside hair removal. This allows your aesthetician to apply several patches of wax simultaneously. Translation: the service moves along more quickly, and you can put your clothes back on faster.

“When the service is done, I ask for the client to look and see if it’s to her expectation and finish with an anti-bacterial cream,” she continues. “Post-Brazilian, I always advise no hot shower for 24 hours, no exercise for at least 12 hours, and only wear loose fitting pants so as to not aggravate the area.” And no sex for 24 hours—so show off your new look later.


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