BFF (Beauty Find Friday): Banish the Blemish

These beauty tips will keep you zit-free the week before your wedding.

Woman with mirror via Shutterstock

Woman with mirror via Shutterstock

You have a week to go until you stroll down the aisle. Did anyone tell your skin that? We’ve gathered up some expert tips on how to avoid pimples and keep your complexion zit-free for your big day.

Stop touching your face. Are you leaning your chin in your hands? Did you just itch your cheek? Experts claim we touch our face an average of 2,000 times a day. This translates to your bringing bacteria to your skin, which can enter pores and cause blemishes.

Go dairy free. Consider staying away from the cheese plate and forgoing the froyo the week before your wedding. Milk contains hormones that “turn on” oil glands. And since zits are a definite turn-off, you do the math.

Leave the “something new” for the wedding. Now is not the time to get that new deep-cleansing facial you’ve been dying to try. Anything you do that’s new to your skin might erupt in a blemish or two. Stick to the tried-and-true until after the honeymoon.

Keep your hair clean. When your hair sweeps across your forehead (or even when you sleep), it can transfer hair products and natural oils onto your skin. It’s best to keep yourself free of styling gels and pomades, with your locks pulled back off your face.

Go makeup-free. Going without makeup as much as you can the week before your wedding gives your skin a chance to breathe and pores a chance to stay clog-free.

De-stress. There’s no reason to be stressed. [Insert laugh here.] Yes, you have a ton on your plate, but there something to be said for finding ways to wind down. Staying relaxed and composed will show on your skin, since stress hormones are major culprits for breakouts.

Stay hydrated. Drinking water can help your body flush out toxins, and some people have reported positive effects on skin health from increased water intake. Cutting out sugary drinks can also help the blemish problem, so say goodbye to that Red Bull and instead stay focused with a cup of green tea, a known inflammation fighter that can help ease any blemishes already on their way.


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