Grooms: Should You or Shouldn’t You Wax?

Leanne Caliri, Bliss Spa Boston's lead esthetician, has some smooth talk for men.

Waxing for Men

Man getting waxed via Shutterstock

“The stigma of male waxing is slowing melting away,” says Leanne Caliri, lead esthetician and massage therapist at Bliss Spa Boston in the W Hotel. “We live in a day and age that men love to treat themselves and feel clean.” Caliri she should know. She spends her day keeping men fuzz-free in the most intimate places.

The spa’s He/Wax service is becoming more popular, from the cheeks to between the cheeks to the full-monty Ultimate He/Wax, a customizable option that can include as much as you want below the belt for a boy Brazilian. And of course, let’s not forget the back/chest/stomach, then ears/nose/uni-brow. Yes, furry fellows around town have been cleaning up their acts one wax at a time.

“Even though it’s not typical bar talk, I do have my male clients who have been doing it for years and now feel so comfortable with it that they tell their male friends about it. They encourage them that it’s not as scary and painful as one might think,” Caliri explains.

Bliss is known around town as a leader in quick and painless waxing—the trick is in their signature hard wax, expert technique, and pre-wax oil. Recently, they gave their popular waxing services their own special treatment with the new QuickBliss Wax Room, a space dedicated solely to on-the-go hair removal, which will get you in and out in a blink.

Men also have their own private lounge at Bliss where they can kick back with a magazine, have a drink sent up from the lounge, take a personal steam shower, or have a tester sink to try out a face mask or scrub.

A big question you might have: Do you spring it on your to-be on the night of your wedding with an unveiling of a newly groomed you?

“The ‘surprise’ wax is almost always reciprocated in a positive way,” says Caliri. “The men who come in are excited to go home to their [significant other] and show them. Some, on the other hand, are being told they have to get waxed or she will stop waxing, a pretty funny ultimatum. But almost 100 percent of the time, they come back willingly because they loved the results.”

And there are benefits of waxing regularly every four to six weeks: the hair starts to grow in finer and less and less as time goes on. “Shaving the area is just like mowing the lawn,” she adds. “It’s just going to keep growing like weeds and feel razor-sharp.” Not mention the unmentionable—after all, who wants to take a razor to the sometimes unreachable?


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