The Ultimate Grooming Guide for Grooms

Roosters Men's Grooming Center's Tyson White gives grooms their own hair-and-skincare timeline.

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Courtesy photo

Mani/pedi, hair trial, laser hair removal, facial, eyebrow waxing—the list goes on for big day bridal beauty. With all these hovering details, it’s no wonder the bride’s skin and hair care needs its own calendar.

But that doesn’t mean the groom shouldn’t structure his own time for looking fabulous.

“Of course there will be more for the bride, but men today want to look great, too, and having a bad haircut on their big day is a no-no,” says Tyson White, owner of Roosters Men’s Grooming Center. Whether it’s a head shave, a neck trim, or perfecting your lumbersexual look, their barber team makes it happen in oversized leather chairs.

“Beauty on the big day is derived from relaxation and the opportunity for both the bride and groom to enjoy their wedding day with friends and family as well as each other,” says White. “There’s no more masculine way to prepare for your partner’s walk down the aisle than a straight razor shave and a haircut with some of your closest friends and relatives. It’s a chance to sit back in the barber’s chair and relax!”

“The best advice we can give to a groom is to fit in a shave, haircut, and any other wedding day beauty measures into their specific schedule,” he continues. “That said, more often than not than not we see Team Groom at the same time Team Bride is engaged with their stylists.”

So put some time in the books to get ready for your wedding. White suggests starting with the big picture and narrowing down to the more specific grooming details as your wedding day approaches. Here’s his groom beauty timeline.

5-10 days Before the Wedding

This is when most grooms should get their haircut, which allows for a few day’s growth, to complement their wedding day style.

3-5 Days Before the Wedding

A few days before the wedding, grooms should get more detailed services performed. This often includes waxing, facials (perhaps Roosters signature facial shave, which includes a straight-edge shave), and manicures.

Wedding Day

Many grooms treat themselves and their party to a straight-razor shave as they put the finishing touches on their wedding day look. Why not just pick up your Gillette? “The closeness and timelessness of the straight razor endure you’ll look your best for their partner (and for their photographer),” White says. “It also provides a social opportunity for the groom to relax on his wedding day with his closest mates.”


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