BFF (Beauty Find Friday): Tips for Smoothing Frizzy Hair

When humidity wants to ruin your big day, Pyara Salon and Spa stylist Nicole Ruby can help fight the frizz.

woman grabbing her tangled hair in frustration on grey background via Shutterstock

Woman with tangled hair via Shutterstock

We may have said goodbye to our last heat wave, but the pesky humidity is still hanging around. And as you know, with heavy air comes heavy frizzy hair.

Nicole Ruby, stylist at Pyara Salon and Spa, one of our favorite spas, gives us a few tips on calming down our locks when extra moisture has other plans. Consider her advice on smoothing frizzy hair your fight song against big hair for your big day.

Ruby points out that your hair has been robbed all summer by extreme humidity, blow dryers, swimming in chlorinated pools, and more, so even though there’s moisture in the air, there isn’t much in your hair. The result? Frizz.

“The number one issue with frizzy hair is the lack of moisture in the hair shaft itself, so the most important rule is to make sure that the hair is moisturized,” she explains. Translation: The cuticle layers on hair strands are shaggy and need moisture to make them smooth.

“Most people have an issue with frizz during the humid months, so switching to a product that’s a little heavier tends to work best at these times,” Ruby adds.

To achieve the smoothest wedding hair you can under humid conditions, she suggests making your shampoo and conditioner your top priority. “It’s where your hair is told to stand up or sit down,” she says. Look for quality hair care that’s nourishing and hydrating to help bring your hair back to life.

“Styling the hair is the second most important part of making sure you don’t look like Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus,” she says. “When hair is wet, it needs to be molded almost as if it were Jell-O and then left to cool.” She accomplishes this by always pointing the hair dryer down the hair shaft, pointing from your head to your toes, so it blows the outer layer of the hair down, and not open and fluffy. “Style your hair with your hand or a brush, and then mold to the style you’re going for,” she says. “Make sure the hair is dry and cool before touching and scrunching it.”

To finish, she loves Light Elements Smoothing Fluid for extra gloss and shine. “It’s a lightweight frizz serum I like to call it the ‘push-up bra,'” she says. If you really want to fix the dry ends, go upgrade to “implants”: Smooth two to four drops of the Dry Remedy Oil throughout your ends.

If you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and see that halo of frizz coming back, Ruby suggests adding a little more of your finisher product, or you can just smooth hair down with a tissue. “Unless your hair is worn in its natural curl, do not add water and scrunch it,” she warns. “That only works well for natural curls.”

In the end just remember, it all comes back to healthy hair. If you blow-dry or iron your hair regularly, you’ll be lacking moisture. “Think of it as if you went for a run and you need some electrolytes to rehydrate,” she explains. “And if you chemically treat it, you’ll need protein and moisture to keep it healthy, just as if you were at a bootcamp class you need to rebuild the muscles afterward.”


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