From Bouquet to Bracelet: Transform Your Wedding Flowers into New Accessories

Flower preservation company Freezeframe turns bridal flowers into Bloombeads jewelry.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

You loved carrying your bouquet down the aisle, so why not carry it around for a bit longer? Since a giant floral arrangement doesn’t exactly have tag-along status, check out unique Bloombeads by Freezeframe. This woman-owned family business says they owe their two decades of success to treating every order as if it was their own. Read: Every bridal bouquet is their bridal bouquet.

With Bloombeads, you can take your bouquet flowers and turn them into lasting jewelry. Their beads are made from your real flowers, that have been freeze-dried, preserved, and transformed.

“Once preserved, the flower petals are processed and infused into a material we use to make the beads. The hand-formed pieces are kiln-fired, then treated with a protective finish,” co-owner Nanci Hames says of their jewelry pieces—rings, charms, Pandora-style bracelets, pendants, and tie tacks—made of sterling silver and 14k gold. “Our jewelry can be made using solid colors like bright red, deep purple, or pure white. We are also able to do beautiful combinations that almost look like gemstones using a swirl technique. With each color or color combination, Mother Nature takes over and puts her individual spin on the pieces, so that each one is unique.”

Their artisans make everything by hand, shaping, molding, and finishing each piece until the completed product is something you will treasure.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

The first step for creating Bloombeads is to choose the flowers you want to use. “A good rule of thumb for the quantity of flowers is two to three beads per flower if the flower is the size of a tea rose,” explains Hames. The next step is to ship your flowers to their design studio is in Dayton, Ohio. “Timeliness is key if you have the ability to plan ahead and want to capture the vibrant tones of your fresh blooms,” she adds. If your blooms have already air-dried, it’s not too late. “They can still be made into jewelry. The outcome will just be more earthy and muted.”

Choose a box slightly larger than the quantity of flowers you’ve chosen to use for your jewelry pieces. Cut the stems two to three inches from the base of each flower. Wrap the stems in wet paper towels, then wrap in tinfoil. Place the flowers in plastic bags by sorted color, and say “goodbye” until you meet again.

Once Bloombeads receives the flowers, they’ll work with you to develop the perfect color combos to reflect the occasion. They’ll email you a photograph of the completed piece for your approval, then each jewelry piece is placed in a tarnish-resistant presentation box. You can also choose to have a commemorative insert of the wedding date, your names, and an image of the fresh flowers included.

Just imagine the beautiful things your bouquet could become.


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