Tweed Wolf Creates Your Perfect Honeymoon Album

This online company's experts sift through thousands of your photos so you don't have to.

Tweed Wolf photo album

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There’s only one thing worse than unpacking your suitcase from your two-week honeymoon, and that’s figuring out what to do with all those digital photos of your honeymoon.

Tweed Wolf wants to help you “unpack” your smartphone of photos and turn them into a gorgeous bespoke album.

The recently launched online service gives couples a way to put together a honeymoon album (or even a wedding album, if you don’t want to go the pro route), all pretty much without lifting a finger. OK, you have to lift a finger to upload the photos onto their site or the flash drive delivered with a pre-paid return envelope. But that’s it.

Unlike other photo album services, there’s a giant bonus to Tweed Wolf. You don’t have to take the time to choose the best photos and arrange them yourself in a template. They do that for you.

Here’s how it works. Upload as many photos as you like. Yes, thousands even. Then their team of trained designers sift through them and choose only the best, usually with a few hundred photos translating to an 80- to 120-page album. They edit each photo, keeping in mind photo resolution, the main images, cropping, and more. They create a beautiful layout that you can proof as often as you want, providing your input on the photos they’ve chosen, editing, layout, and even adding titles and captions.

Once you approve their work, they process it into a gorgeous hardback photo album, complete with photo-rich process inks, archival paper, and sewn binding. You’ll get your album within one week.

Tweed Wolf’s custom photo albums retail for $270 for the first copy and $150 per additional copy. But the idea of having someone do all this for you is priceless.

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