BFF (Beauty Find Friday): The Stone Cold Coolness of Marbled Nails

Check out this hot new trend for unique wedding day nails.

HollywoodLand, Greystone Grey, and LA smog shades of Lauren B Beauty nail polish.

HollywoodLand, Greystone Grey, and LA Smog shades of Lauren B. Beauty nail polish.

When you’re trés bored of French manis but you’re hesitant to go full-on color for your Big Day mani, stay chic with the newest trend of marbled nails. This swirly pattern is a fun way to overthrow the notion that wedding day nails have to be boring. Besides, what better way to show off your new ring than against a look that channels luxury Italian design?

Lauren B. Beauty based this new nail design off of Carrara, the high-quality Italian white and blue-grey marble. Using their HollywoodLand, Greystone Grey, and LA Smog shades, a cup of water, a sandwich bag, and hairspray, here’s how to create wedding day nails that are stone cold cool.

Step 1: Apply your favorite clear base coat. Let dry for one to two minutes.

Step 2: Apply two coats of white polish, Lauren B. HollywoodLand, and let dry for three to four minutes.

Step 3: Grab a small sandwich bag and crumple it up. Then brush a small amount of Lauren B. Greystone Grey onto the bag. Gently dab the painted bag lightly onto your nail until desired marble design is reached. Let dry for one to two minutes.

Step 4: Fill a small cup with room temperature water. Apply four droplets of Lauren B. LA Smog to water. Then spritz one spray of hairspray onto the water.

Step 5: Dip your nail into the water where you see the best swirl design. Pull your nail out and let dry for two to three minutes.

Step 6: Apply your favorite top coat. Let dry completely.

Now you’re rocking marbled nails.

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