Here’s Your Daily Dose of Wedding Planning Advice

Local couples share tips on working together on big day decisions.

Wedded bliss. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. But when that planning path is paved with battles with your to-be about caterers, cakes, and the forever sore spot of DJ-vs-band, that can certainly dim the shine.

We asked local brides and grooms for their advice on how to get through the process with ease. Here are their enlightened words of wisdom and wedding planning advice.

“Many a wise man has said the words, ‘Whatever you desire, honey.'” —Debra, Medford

“Ignore the noise. Focus on what’s important: the love you share. If the plans are accentuated with love, the wedding will be memorable and perfect. Do what you want and nothing else. Oh, and grooms, it’s her day. Give her what she wants, and don’t argue about it.” —Joseph, Worcester

“Boxed wine. Really.” –Michael, South End

“All couples have disagreements. Great couples resolve them. If two people can’t work together on planning a wedding, save the marriage money for dating websites because they both need to go around the merry go round again.” —Elio, Cambridge

“Planning a wedding shouldn’t be hard. If you really think about it, a wedding is just a big party. So make it fun.” —Keith, Medford

“Don’t plan together. Take control and just tell them what they’re doing.” —Kristen, Nahant

“Always show each other respect. Listen to each other’s ideas and don’t say they’re stupid, even if you think they are. You should be enjoying each other’s excitement about planning your big day.” —Alison, Arlington

“Have separate tasks. Find out what is most important to each and have them focus on that. For my husband, he really cared about the cake, so he picked that. I cared about photography, so I picked our photographer. No fights at all in the process.” —Angela, Lakeville

“You know your spouse better than anyone. If you see something is important to him or her, maybe it’s just time to let it go and let them have it.” —Charlie, Newport, Rhode Island

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