How to Have the Perfect All-White Wedding Theme

It's much more than a Billy Idol anthem.

White wedding

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Think of a white wedding theme, and typically a snarly-faced ’80s rocker pops into your head. But with all apologies to Mr. Idol, it’s actually a unique and chic way to celebrate your special day.

“An all-white theme will make your wedding a beautiful, memorable occasion,” says Sarah Roberts, founder of

To channel the popularity of Diner en Blanc or Sean “Diddy” Combs’ annual celeb-heavy white party, here are her tips to throwing an all-white wedding.

Location: Though an all-white wedding can be crafted to fit any type of location, there are certain locales more conducive to the all-white theme.

“Outdoor weddings, like those on the beach and in rustic areas, are great options because you have more control over items like tables and chairs,” says Roberts. It’s not often that a hotel ballroom will have a separate set of all-white chairs to accommodate your theme. And let’s not forget the seasons when you’re surrounded by the real deal—snow. “A winter wedding in a cold climate can make for a real-life winter wonderland,” she says.

White wedding

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Decor: Go big or go home. Think white flowers, white drapery, white table clothes, and white candles. If there’s any color, you’re doing it wrong.

Lighting: “Simple white lights make for beautiful photos and hide flaws,” says Roberts. “It’s like airbrushing, and it’s more flattering on your guests.” But these aren’t spotlight bright. Keep it warm and inviting. She suggests white rattan ball string lights and white candles to give your wedding a beautiful glow.

Hanging decorations: One way to add instant luxury to your ceremony is by layering hanging decorations. “The key to pulling off this look is to do it in abundance,” Roberts advises. “Large groupings of white paper lanterns can create a beautiful focal point that you and your guests will love.” Also, consider asking your florist to create elegant drapes of white blooms to hang above the reception tables.

Table decorations: “For the tables, white linens are classic. Top the tablecloths with white dishes, napkins, and white flowers, and you’ve instantly created a cohesive look,” she suggests. Flowers like hydrangea, baby’s breath, peonies, and roses are beautiful white blooms that can be also used for centerpiece arrangements.

Party favors: Use simple white bags or personalized boxes to give your guests something special, such as DIY edible party favors.

The menu: “Seafood is a great choice for an all white wedding. Scallops, yellowtail, and crabmeat dishes are especially delicious and perfectly fit the theme,” she says. And for those who can’t get enough of Italian food but think all that red sauce is unavoidable, Alfredo sauce is your best friend. For drinks, she suggests white sangria as a delicious summer wedding drink, while bourbon-spiked white hot chocolate will keep you warm in the winter. “White IPAs and wheat beers are two other options, along with white wine, of course, that will keep your guests happy while sticking to the all-white theme,” she says.

Color us impressed.

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