Seven Signature Champagne Cocktail Recipes for Weddings

champagne cocktails recipes

Photograph by Bruce Peterson, Styling by Dan Cellucci/Team

From left to right:

Blushing Bride

The Event Society

3 oz. rosé champagne
1 oz. Bacardi Arctic Grape
2 oz. sauvignon blanc
Splash of peach liquor

Shake all ingredients (except the rosé champagne) together with ice.
Top with champagne.
Garnish with a sliced apple.

The Farmhouse Flute

Chive Events

1 oz. Boggy Meadow “Switchel” Cider Vodka
½ oz. homemade rosemary simple syrup
4½ oz. champagne or prosecco

Combine cider vodka and simple syrup in a flute.
Top with champagne or prosecco.
Garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary.

Embrace Your Awesome

Booze Époque

1 oz. Berkshire Mountain Distillers Ice Glen Vodka
1 oz. strawberry syrup
½ oz. lime juice
¼ oz. lemon juice
2 oz. champagne

Combine the first four ingredients in a glass.
Top with champagne.
Garnish with basil, strawberry, and a lime wheel.

Kodiak Kick

The Barmobile

1 oz. Privateer Amber Rum
¾ oz. Ancho Reyes
½ oz. fresh pineapple juice
¼ oz. simple syrup
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 drop Bittermens Xocolatl Mole bitters
4½ oz. dry champagne

Shake first six ingredients together with ice, then strain into a flute.
Top with champagne.
Garnish with a piece of pineapple dusted with dried ancho or cayenne pepper.

Pear-and-Ginger-Sage Champagne Cocktail

The Catered Affair

1-2 tbsp. homemade pear-and-ginger-sage honey syrup (to taste)
4½ oz. champagne or sparkling wine
2 slices cooked pear

Place cooked pear slices into a flute, followed by honey syrup.
Top with champagne or sparkling wine.

Sour-Cherry-and-Yuzu Bellini


2 tbsp. homemade sour-cherry simple syrup
2 tsp. yuzu juice
6 oz. chilled dry champagne

Combine simple syrup and yuzu juice in a large flute.
Top with champagne.

Blackberry-Thyme Sparkler

Capers Catering

1-2 tbsp. homemade blackberry-thyme simple syrup (to taste)
8 oz. sparkling wine

Pour simple syrup into a glass.
Top with sparkling wine.
Garnish with a blackberry skewer and thyme sprigs.

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